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The Heating Expert advice: Floor heating temperature for living room shall not exceed 28 ℃

Renovate the household heating facilities, how to resist the coming winter? The Appliance Experts Guo quan recommends: floor heating temperature for living room do not pass 28 ° C

Guo said, radiant floor heating, are hidden engineering which require high construction technology . Before construction, it is necessary to clear the scene, if it’s not in place, may be planted hidden trouble.

For example, in the construction, careless touch or press a position, short-term use may not expose trouble . After a long time, the problems expose, but because it buried in the ground, it’s inconvenient for maintenance.

 Guo also reminds us, radiant floor heating temperature should not be set too high, especially the long stay area such as living room. Temperature should not exceed 28 ° C, which is the Chinese national standard requirements of heating enterprises.

This is because the European countries found that if the human foot is long-term more than 28, will affect health of the calf.