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The old flooring recycling stir up a new wave of sale

With the increasing scarcity of forest resources, the improvement in the cost of raw materials, as well as increasing the awareness of the low-carbon environment, gave birth to a trade-in & recycling sales model on the floor industry.


This model has brought a whole new concept of flooring products, big brands involved in recycling wood flooring processing field. There is no doubt that this will become a new hot spot of the market and profit growth point.


Because it not only effectively reduce the production cost of the floor, but also to ease the tension in the forestry resources, reduce carbon emissions. Improve not only the interests of enterprises, and make more public recognition of green flooring products, and reach a win-win situation.


Through this trade-in, to let the old floor in the consumer's home has a vested and can buy new floor at a preferential price, the commendation is without a doubt. And the the floor supplier of processing of old flooring reuse is a correct choice to reduce carbon emissions.

Now, this production sales model has become a new trend, respected and favored by consumers.