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China is advising Canada to cancel the log export restrictions


                        China is advising Canada to cancel the log export restrictions

Canada is China's second largest timber supplier, in 2011 the logs and sawn timber exports to China accounted for 17% of China's total imports of logs and sawn timber, only behind Russia. The BC province is one of the major timber production areas in Canada, has the world's largest one of temperate forests, forest stock volume is 10 billion cubic meters, the forest coverage rate up to 62% of the province area and its cork volume rate up to 45% of Canada's total volume.

However,Canada BC province government strictly limited timber exports,practise the export license management. BC provincial government rules that exported logs must be the surplus part after meeting the demand of domestic market, only in this case can be allow to  export restrictions.

At present, China's circulation of wood and wood products association is communicating with the ministry of commerce related departments, to seek normal channels to suggest the Canadian federal government and the BC provincial government to cancel the log export restrictions.