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Sino-russian timber trade test

                                           Sino-russian timber trade test

As a large timber consumption and production country in the world, China and Russia should have huge potential for cooperation, however, under the trend of strong expectations on the global inflation and sharply rose price of resource-based commodity , sino-russian timber trade is facing a new test, the rising cost makes the difficulty increasing on timber trade between China and Russia.


The theme of timber trade is the resource-based commodities. Under the background of strong expectations on the global inflation, commodity prices have been rising sharply, constantly pushing import costs squeezed the profit space of importers, which makes the difficulty of the trade continues to increase, the interests of exporters also will be affected. Now the main timber trade problem which sino-russian is facing, in a short period of time will also exist. In this case, it’s a bad idea to reduce the cost,we should pay  more effort on the transformation of the mode of trade.


Experts believe that on the basis of log trade, we should adding some deep processing cooperation, like wood carvings and art office furniture, hotel furniture, civil furniture.


And merchants have to pay attention to reduce dependence on resources and consumption, promote low carbon and environmental protection of timber processing and the use of green fuel for combustion manufacturing by residues wooden product .Extending industrial chain, improve the added value of products is the future trend of the development of resource-based products .Only in this way can we achieve the benign sustainable development of the sino-russian timber trade, break through the bottleneck which restricting the timber trade between China and Russia.