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Russia will increase the forestry project investments


Russia will increase the forestry project investments


Recently, the Russian first deputy prime minister viktor zubkov who in charge of forestry said in forestry BBS, in recent years the federal government takes measures like derate export tariffs,increase financial support,build tree species breeding base, has obtained the good effect on promoting forestry development . Timber reserves increased by 12% in 2011, logs deforestation breaks through 76,000,000 cubic, sawn timber production increased by 7%, and the furniture was increased by 13%, deep processing of timber increased by 65% .In addition, the number of fire fell one third, fire area reduced quarter compared to the same, fire loss reduced 5 times compared to the same.


Because the forest law exist ‘vacuum’ in circulation and export links, more than 1000,000 cubic illegal log flow into the market every year, economic loss reach 15 billion roubles. Russia recently proposed log export circulationlaw, rules to fill in flow sheet in order to collecting information, to form electronic data chain throughout from logging to the export of the log, increase the maneuverability of the law enforcement.


Mr Zubkov said, to realize the sustainable developent of forestry, Russia will investe to the 47 key forestry projects 273 billion rubles in the next five years, strengthening forestry cultivation and fire prevention measures, create modern logging industry.Moreover, the federal government will continue to intensify financial support to update technology and equipment, only used for fireproof equipment purchase this year reach a 9.4 billion rupees, up 88% from a year earlier.