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Peru has high potential of wood development


                                   Peru has high potential of wood development       


Lima chamber of commerce (CCL) recently reported, Peru can exploit many different kinds of wood and has huge potential. Peru has more than 2500 kinds of varieties of trees, only about 600 have been properly classified, and the development and utilization of only 195. According to the report, in 2010 forest for Peru create economic income was $1.7 billion, accounts for only 1.1% of gross domestic product (GDP).


According to the United Nations food and agriculture organization (FAO) Chilean forestry output value accounted for 2.6% of its GDP, accounted for 2.7% of Bolivia; Ecuador, accounted for 2.3%, and the forest area and forest resources in these countries are far less than Peru .

According to Peru's department of agriculture statistics, nearly 8,000,000 cubic wood output in Peru in 2010, 90% of them are used for firewood in rural households .


CCL survey shows that only Only 800,000 cubic metres of wood is made into industrial products, including wood flooring, sawn timber, plywood and veneers etc., these products are mainly exported to the United States ,China and other international markets.


Natural forest area of Peru come in second in Latin America, only behind Brazil, and ninth in the world.According to the inspection, Peruvian natural forest area is about 68 million hectares, of which 38 million can be used for wood production, but now only 9.7 million hectares of forest has development and utilization.This part of the forest was handed over to manage by the private sector , such as product processing and afforestation of maintenance, conducting ecological tourism and forest protection.


Peru's timber production as the ucayali, los letto, Madre de Deus and Junin regions, the four regions of timber production accounts for two-thirds of national output.