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Bamboo Flooring basic information

Use runners and mats at strategic points to guard against dirt and moisture from the outdoors, and be aware of spills and clear them up when they happen.

Consider the area you where you wish to install your choice in bamboo flooring – make sure that it is not prone to excessive moisture. Bamboo is moisture resistant, but excessive moisture can damage your bamboo flooring.

Ensure that your subfloor is clean, dry and level before installing your bamboo flooring

Inspect all boxes of bamboo flooring for any damaged planks before commencing.

Allow your bamboo to “acclimate” in the area where the installation will take place.  Open all boxes and allow the bamboo to expand and contract accordingly to the interior.

Use of a tapping block will help to minimize any fracturing during installation.

Use dry or damp (not doused) mops, brooms and vacuums to keep your bamboo flooring clear of dirt and grit which have the potential to scratch the finish of your bamboo flooring