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Walnut Parquet 043


Real Wood Artistic Parquet Flooring is one of luxurious flooring among wooden flooring products, it's created more labor work, precise machinery, brainstorm design, more importantly, selection.
It's different from normal market flooring, its quantity is limited and production output is also confined.

We have more than 10 styles of artistic parquet, and OEM design is welcomed.

Materials facts:



Water soak delamination no delamination
Bending strength 115.6 Mpa
Modulus of elasticity 14880 Mpa
Moisture content  8.2%
Adhesion of surface coating  A little intermittent flake
Wear Resistance  0.14 Coating remained after 100 revolution
Resistance to staining no staining
Formaldehyde emission 0.4 mg/L
Gloss 25%


 Please check the below details:
Model: QC-043
1) 625 X 625 X 15mm;
2) 910 X 910 X 15mm;
Top layer: 
2mm hardwood veneer;
Wood species:
White oak, walnut, and else;
Eucalyptus/poplar plywood;
Back layer:
Cork underlayment as sound-absorbing backing support;
Wood inserter(we provide);
UV lac/oil, micro-bevel;
Moisture content:
Natural color, or color-stains;


Wood species: American Black Walnut
 Latin: Juglans genus
Wood Properties:
Its tree is extremely harge adn well distributed. Although they are primarily concentrated in the Northern hemisphere. Walnuts are also found growing in Africa and South Asia. 
It's three times more durable than oak. It varies in color naturally. The tree's heartwood is a deep chocolate brown with purple overtones. And the sapwood is nearly white.
The highest grade of walnut flooring is cut from heartwood. The colorwill continue to darken naturally as the foor ages.
Walnut has a straight, even grain fro the most part. Burl patterns may appear where a limb grew out from the trunk. This beautiful patterned wood is usually reserved for making furniture. But it can sometimes be found in walnut flooring.
Walnut is a strong wood with high dimensional stability. It's less sensitive to variation in heat and humidity than many other woods. Walnut flooring can even be installed over radiant heating systems.

Walnut solid wood flooring is unparalleled when it comes to its durability and hardness. It's a great way to add beautiful detail to your home decor.While the planks produced are of excellent quality, the material also doesn’t lack appeal and elegance in style – simple yet classical appearance.
Walnut flooring is usually air-dried instead of kiln-dried because te color shows up better that way. Since the wood has a naturally rich color, it does not need to be stained.

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